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Moving Boxes

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Moving Box Size Comparisons

Not all small, medium, or large moving boxes are created equal. When comparing prices, consider not only the box size but also the following factors:

  1. Size: Compare the dimensions and volume by Cubic Feet of the boxes.
  2. ECT (Edge Crush Test): Determines the strength of the box.
  3. Single Wall vs. Double Wall Boxes: Double-wall boxes provide extra durability.

To calculate cubic feet, use the following formula:

Length x Width x Height  


For example, let’s calculate the cubic feet for a BoxEngine large moving box:

20 x 20 x 20 Divided by 1728 = 4.6  Cubic Feet

With this simple formula, you can compare not only box sizes by small, medium, and large but also the total volume by Cubic. This is also essential to calculate the space necessary for storing a certain number of boxes.

Please watch this video to see how to assemble the TV Moving Boxes 

Please watch this video to see how to assemble the Wardrobe Boxes 

Moving Box Kits

Comparing Moving Kits

Moving kits may include various sizes of moving boxes and different packing supplies. To find the best deal, follow these steps:

  1. Total Volume - Use the formulas above to compare box sizes and multiply by the number of boxes in each size.
  2. Packing Supplies - Examine the packing supplies, including their widths and lengths. emember that room tape may cost more than regular packing tape, and the weight of packing paper (3 lbs., 5 lbs., or 25 lbs.) adds value to the kit.
  3. Kit Content - Consider what’s included in the kit. Does it come with packing tape, room labels, or other extras?
  4. Shipping Costs - Check whether shipping fees are included or an additional expense. Boxengine has no extra shipping cost if sale is $35.00 or over.

The Box Bundles are 32ETC and the Wardrobe Boxes are 44ECT

Moving Blankets

Moving Blanket Comparison

Moving blankets vary in quality. They are typically sold by pounds/dozen. Higher weight generally indicates better quality. For instance, the ideal blankets for soundproofing is 85 lbs. per dozen. These blankets are also popular with professional movers because of their durability and longer term use. 

Features To Compare:

  1. Weight
  2. Size of Pack Sold
  3. Shipping Costs - Boxengine is no extra charge
  4. Lighterweight Blankets like the textile blankets are cheaper and are good for one use and sometimes may need a couple of blankets for delicate furniture. You may use them for other projects like the truck of the car to protect the interior while bringing home goods.

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The heavier 85lbs blankets are typically purchased for soundproofing.

Moving Supplies

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