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All-In-One 6 Medium Boxes & Supplies with Shipping Labels

Purchase this all-in-one dorm room moving kit to ship your items to and from the dorm.

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Purchase the all in one moving kit:

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6 Medium Labels & Supplies


All-Inclusive College Dorm Kits is the perfect solution for students moving to a dorm or from the dorm to return home.  All-Inclusive Moving Solution for College Students is a one-price shipping program covering the kit of Moving Boxes, Packing Tape along with the shipping labels for the packed boxes from home to college and vice versa.  The Program works as follows:

  • Order All-Inclusive College Moving Kit – You will receive 6 sturdy 18” X 14” X 12” Moving Boxes, 3lbs. Packing Paper, and a 2” X 55’ Packing Tape and Marker. 6 shipping labels are included in the price
  • Pack the Moving Boxes – Pack the Moving Boxes and secure the tops and bottoms with a generous layer of the Packing Tape. Please refer to FedEx rules to ensure the prompt delivery of your boxes
  • Obtain Your Free FedEx Shipping Labels – Simply fill out the Shipping Information Form to receive your FedEx Shipping Labels at no extra cost
  • Ship Your Boxes – Print the FedEx labels and attach one on each box. You can drop off the Shipping Boxes at your nearest FedEx location
  • Items You Cannot Ship: Refer to FedEx Restrictions and Items Not Accepted

The All-Inclusive College Moving Kit is designed to take the stress out of moving to a dorm as well as going back home after school is out for Spring Break. It is best to order your College Moving Kit at least 7 days in advance and fill out the Shipping Information Form as soon as possible, preferably right after you have completed placing your order.  Please allow at least 24 hours to receive the FedEx labels and keep in mind to expedite your order, all requests should be submitted Monday through Friday during normal business hours.  Please refer to the following to ensure the prompt delivery of your packages:

  • Shipping Labels – All shipping labels sent to you are pre-paid by uBoxes and there is no additional cost to you for shipping the Moving Boxes to college or home.
  • Weight of Moving Boxes – Please note the maximum weight for each box is 25 Lbs.
  • Packing of Moving Boxes – The Moving Boxes will arrive in a flat package. Open each box and first secure the bottom by bringing the flaps together and taping them together. For more secure packing use one more layer of the packing tape overlapping each side of the initial tape. Although FedEx allows up to 25 Lbs. weight for each box but it is your responsibility to use good judgment when packing them to avoid bursting or opening of the over-stuffed boxes during the transit
  • Insurance for Moving Boxes – FedEx automatically insures each box for up to $99 but will not be accountable for faulty packaging.  Please make sure to package your boxes with the use of adequate cushioning agents like Bubble Rolls, Packing Papers and Packing Peanuts to fill the void area and limit the risk of the shift of the contents. All claims related to any damages will be handled by FedEx.
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UPC 810106510163
Weight 12.000000
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Color Brown
Features / Extra Information none
Product Length 18.000000
Product Width 14.000000
Product Height 12.000000
All-in-one dorm room moving kit to ship your items to your new dorm.
The best kit for your new school 6 Medium Boxes 18" x 14" x 12", 3lbs. packing paper, 1 roll of 2" x 55" tape, Marker.
Pack moving boxes quickly and economically, your move to the new school will not be a problem.
A kit that helps you carry items in an orderly manner
Label the boxes and you will know what you carry in each one, get to your new dorm room and quickly unpack
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